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Kid Collaborations

Something special painted just for your kiddo!

Would your kiddo like to help design and art direct a painting I make for them? (Their big chance to be the boss of a grownup!)

Would they like to wear art that shows off what they're excited about?

How Does This Work?

Your child can get inside the process of art-making, with no pressure! 


First you and I can touch base, and set up a time for me to call or zoom with them to come up with an idea or two, and decide what it should be painted on.


They can help do a rough sketch or tell me about an idea in words, or I can ask them some questions to come up with ideas together. 


After I've done some sketching, I can share my thoughts with them, and we can talk again. It'll be a chance for us to enjoy connecting, and they can have the excitement of watching their art "grow"! 


Then I'll paint it, in my style, using durable professional materials. Finally, they'll get the excitement of receiving their custom painting and showing it off!

Custom artwork for your child could be on

  • a shirt, sweatshirt, apron

  • shoes

  • a backpack or canvas bag

  • a notecard

  • watercolor paper for hanging

  • a book cover

  • something else?


It depends on what we are creating on, how big it is, etc... but GOOD NEWS: I won an art grant*, so we can do sliding scale to start! Don't be shy, let's experiment and see what makes sense for all. I wanna play with kiddos again, please help me make it happen! 

Waiting List

This is a new experiment I think will be fun, who knows how it'll go or what will come up? Heads up that there may be a waiting list for this experience. If you are interested, you can sign up with no obligation.

*Thanks to the amazing Bay Area Safety Net for this exciting grant! Check them out if you want to donate to support artists, or if you want to apply for a grant yourself.


Shirt Painting &
Kid Collaborations

What’s your kid excited about? Would they like to wear it or hang my painting on their wall, and even help "art direct" it?

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