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Hi, I'm Brenda

Some of the places I've painted

I've been an artist all of my life. (I even remember coloring myself & the bathtub edges with fabulous soap-crayons  as a little kid!)

Previously I was a book designer and art director in the publishing industry (I have a BFA degree in Graphic Design), and an art teacher, not to mention making some wild Halloween costumes for my family! Now that my own fantastic four children are grown, I am thrilled to still get to share delight with kids through facepainting. 

I think it’s great when people can experience art in their everyday worlds, not just in museums. And when people can feel themselves as beautiful, separate from traditional standards. When I create custom Belly Painting designs for pregnant moms, do Fine Art Bodypainting where regular people get to Be Art, or even helping a little one wear their facepaint idea, it is an honor to help people communicate themselves artistically to the world.

We can bring other artists too!

This is wonderful Nina, who loves to paint and is so caring! For your bigger events, we can bring a team of skilled, friendly artists. 

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