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Regular Parties

Birthday cupcakes and face painted girl.

Your guests will be SO excited to see Face Painting at your party! From the bold kid who can't wait to be a prowling tiger, to the quieter one who loves to watch the painting, kids delightedly show their parents and friends who get excited too!


We specialize in being gentle, friendly, professional and reliable. We have a variety of nice designs and can customize too. Adults often like a little something too!


$130/hr, with a one and a half hour minimum. So starts @ $195 for 1½ hr in Santa Cruz County. Other locations available, inquire for rates.

"Co-Create" Parties

Each child designs their own face paint experience, and our expertise makes it look great!


The process is slowed down for deeper connection and creativity. Kids can draw their own creation or we can come up with something together in conversation.

Best for small gatherings:

Allow about 25 minutes per child.

$130/hr in Santa Cruz County. Other locations available, inquire for rates.

How much time should I book?

Normally we like to offer a nice variety of full-face and smaller designs, and about 8-10 kids/hr works great

We can have fun customizing things, adding jewels, painting arms too, like when there are 7 or fewer kids/hr.

If you want only simple things, we can paint up to 13 kids/hr, if they are organized

Adults often like to get a little something too!

Rate is $130/hr in Santa Cruz County. Minimum one and a half hours.

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