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Brenda's Face Painting
...Open Again! 
for parties and events in Santa Cruz County

Hygiene info: I sanitize my hands and brushes, the paints are anti-microbial, I am fully vaxxed, and we can stick to hand/arm painting, or paint above a mask if you like. 


Exciting magical transformations! Birthday Parties & other events, for children and adults



Be Amazing!

I'll bring your ideas to life for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Masquerade Balls, Photo Shoots...


Belly Painting

Custom Maternity Art

Celebrate and remember this special time with a custom piece of art!

admiring face painted girls_edited.jpg


Beautiful designs painted quickly for excited crowds! School carnivals, fundraisers, etc


Business Event

Watch your guests play & connect!
Company Parties, Corporate Events, Picnics, Anniversaries


Fine Art Bodypainting

Be Art! Bodypaint portraits created to express your unique self, photographed & printed on canvas. Living art for events too.

What Parents Say

"Super friendly and patient"

Brenda did an amazing job at my kids birthday party! She is not only a brilliant artist but super friendly and patient with young children.

–Rita S. on Yelp

"Professional, considerate"

 Brenda is AMAZING! If you can get her and her crew for your event - DO IT! Her designs are a whole universe above and beyond anything I've ever seen in another face painter. True art that brings joy and delight to all ages. And she is just the loveliest, most professional, considerate person to work with.

–Kaia R. on Google

"Absolutely fantastic"

Brenda was absolutely fantastic! I would totally recommend her for any event! She was very accommodating and was able to do any type of design the kids or parents wanted.

–Nessa A. on Yelp


Shirt Painting &
Kid Collaborations

What’s your kid excited about? Would they like to wear it or hang my painting on their wall, and even help "art direct" it?



About Me

I love helping people (of all ages) transform into art that expresses them, whether gently encouraging little first-timers through the face paint experience, or collaborating with people of any age who want a custom design!


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